The Callisto Protocol Stutter Gets Fixed – Still Criticised as Yet Another Sloppy PC Port!

Released earlier this month, The Callisto Protocol effectively represented one of the last major AAA-gaming title releases for 2022 and certainly seemed to put itself across well as an excellent new option for those with a love for the survivor horror genre. – The actual release condition of the PC version, however, was pretty terrible. Most notably due to a stuttering issue which would render even the most obscenely potent systems into something more akin to a potato.

Fortunately, a patch arrived pretty quickly to resolve the worst aspects of this problem, but given that the reviews have only mostly transitioned from ‘negative’ to ‘mixed’, however, it seems pretty clear that The Callisto Protocol still has its problems. Well, that might actually be something of an understatement as, overall, people still seem to be consistently citing that The Callisto Protocol is yet another example of a sloppy, lazy, and unoptimised PC port!

The Callisto Protocol – Fixed, But Still Broken!

Despite coming with relatively benign official PC requirements, the newer Steam reviews (since the stutter fix) consistently state that despite having hardware well in excess of what’s stated, the performance of The Callisto Protocol remains pretty poor. Random crashes, lower-than-anticipated framerates, and in some instances the game barely being able to run at all!

And this isn’t just dogpiling/review bombing either as most seem to agree that, despite the sloppy nature of the PC port, a good game does lurk somewhere underneath the surface.

“If you’re lucky enough to have the game running in a playable format to be able to judge it on its artistic merits, that’s awesome. I, however, have a stuttering mess that can’t seem to get past the Unreal splash page without significant stuttering. My computer runs everything else I’ve thrown at it, so I’m confident that it’s not the hardware that’s at issue here.”

“I’m still pretty early in the game and had to stop. textures were taking too long to load, i fell through the map once, pieces of the map (robot that blocked an area) was missing and didn’t spawn in. Way too many bugs that prevent the game from playing.”

“Idk how bad it was on day 1, but couple patches later it is still not stable. Stutters a bit on balanced settings, crushes every other hour. The gameplay seems to be fine though. So dont believe the rating rising from mostly negative to mixed. It is playable, but it is still far away from a reasonable condition.”

“Not only does the game run like absolute ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ on my RTX 3080 Without Raytracing, the combat is wonky af the checkpoint system is awful some voice acting sound cheesy af you fight the same enemies over and over again, the game just throws enemies at you, exploration is pointless cause the checkpoint system sucks, you’d go to a side area fighting a bunch of enemies burning through your resources only to grab an audio log lore, some intense scenes would run like a powerpoint sildeshow ruining any tension and immersion, 4/10 70$ for this broken piece of garbage”

Buy or Don’t Buy?

Overall, the general consensus is that if you are interested in checking out The Callisto Protocol (and we wouldn’t blame you because it does look pretty awesome), it’s likely to be in your best interest to do one of two things (and possibly both). Either wait a month or two until some more patches drop to bring the PC version into a better playable state, or simply wait until this is discounted in an upcoming Steam sale to allow both your purchase price and expectations to fall more in line with the reality.

It’s genuinely a shame, but as noted above, a poorly optimised PC port. – Can we really pretend to be that shocked by this sort of thing anymore?…

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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