The HD 6770 goes silent

/ 7 years ago

The HD 6770 card was released recently to add variety to the new 6 series generation of AMD cards with the HD 6770 being essentially a slightly modified and rebranded 5 series card. Due to the improved modifications on this card it is now possible for the HD 6770 to run with a completely passive cooler.

The card although being uniquely quiet is currently only available in Japan and retails at around $170-180 which is a lot more than the $130 price for a standard HD 6770. The card is slightly faster than a HD 5770 so therefore is suitable for an entry level gaming system as it offers fantastic performance especially for a completely silent card.

The card is expected to be part of a wider range of silent cards being developed by Gigabyte.

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5 Responses to “The HD 6770 goes silent”
  1. Eternalchaos says:

    That looks better than the passive cooler used by PowerColor

  2. aruffell says:

    your link doesnt work 😀

  3. Eternalchaos says:

    Aruffell;17172 wrote: your link doesnt work 😀

    Oops, well here's the one they put on the 6850 :rolleyes: <img src="; alt="" /><img src="; alt="" />

  4. lucas4 says:

    loving the GB cooler!that card is extremely long tho!

  5. omegadoom13 says:

    The cost of quietness: an extra $50! 🙂

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