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The Settlers Reboot Has Been Indefinitely Delayed!

I’m going to start by admitting that having reported on the announcement that The Settlers franchise was getting a modern re-boot back in mid-2018, I had since completely forgotten that this was in development. That is, perhaps, something to do with the fact that in terms of news, there hasn’t been much from Ubisoft since surrounding it!

Well, following a report via PCGamesN, we do have some fresh news, but I’m afraid it isn’t good!

The Settlers Gets Indefinitely Delayed

We should note that following the game’s initial announcement back in July 2018, Ubisoft did say they intended to release the game in late 2019. Now, with that having come and gone, the game was since rescheduled to launch around Q3 2020. With this fresh news, however, it seems that while it is still in development, Ubisoft is moving the goalposts to a new, and indefinite, date.

“Since quality is our main priority, we want to take the time necessary to make it write. Therefore, we had to make the difficult decision to postpone the release of the game until further notice. The additional time will be used to address your feedback and deliver the best The Settlers game possible.”

What Do We Think?

While the delay is undoubtedly disappointing (despite, as above, the fact that I’d completely forgotten this was happening) I’m not sure I entirely buy the reasons given. Why? Well, there are rumors that Ubisoft is currently undergoing something of a dramatic change in its management and, as such, it wouldn’t exactly be too much of a leap to suggest that ‘The Settlers’ may be a victim of it until the dust settles. All I can say about that though is that if they are a casualty, let’s hope they’re not a permanent one!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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