Thecus’ Amazing N5810Pro is Finally Available

/ 3 years ago

There is some good news if you are in the market for an NAS that is more than the average of the mill unit. You might remember the pretty amazing NAS unit from Thecus that we reviewed a while ago, the N5810 Pro with built-in UPS, and that unit is finally available. Shops have changed their listings to availability within 1-2 days, meaning it has arrived at the central depots and is ready to be dispatched to customers.

The Thecus N5810 Pro is a 5-bay NAS with five LAN ports, plenty of USB connections, direct HDMI connection, status display, and built-in mini-UPS. That isn’t something you’ll find any other place. The NAS is built around an Intel Celeron quad-core J1900 processor and comes with 4GB DDR3 RAM that can be further upgraded by the user.

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Thecus N5810PRO 3

The mini-UPS Lithium-ion battery with 2000mAH (14.4V, 28.8Wh) allows your NAS to continue its operation during minor power outages and safely shut the system down if it should last too long. The NAS also comes with all other features you’ll want from sharing over apps to security and user setup. The HDMI port allows you to use the NAS as a PC at the same time with easy to install apps such as VLC VideoLAN media player.


We were early with our review as we had one of the very first units to ever leave Thecus own complex and you might not fully remember all the details, so here is the link to our review of the Thecus N5810 Pro if you want to read more on this amazing NAS.

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