Thecus N2800 2-Bay NAS Review

/ 5 years ago

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In each of the market sectors, quantifying whether a NAS is required for individual needs is sometimes very clear and then the choice of which particular option is made from there. On the lower end of the market, the SOHO sector, there are a number of times where the end user will be wondering if a NAS is right for their particular needs or if it would be a beneficial purchase option.

Looking at the home user, sharing music, video and photos across the home network is normally done by folder sharing on one or multiple computers or alternative for users who predominantly use laptops, expanding their storage space without having to plug in additional storage in via USB etc is not always practical and/or viable. For the latter scenario, there is some remorse in that we do find a large number of home routers now supporting external storage and network sharing of this storage, however this still requires the external drive and these are as we would expect, fairly limited in their capacity.

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This is where the entry level NAS systems come into play. Two bay offerings such as the N2800 like we will be looking at today, are the ideal first step for home users who wish to have storage that is easily available on their laptop (and other connected systems for that matter) without having to expend the larger amounts of money for a system that could be overkill for their needs.

Going by some of our past reviews from Thecus which have wowed us with their performance and GUI, we know that this isn’t going to be pushing the speed limits, but there is a good hope for it giving the best it can with what it has to play with, so lets tucked into some more Thecus NAS goodness.

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One Response to “Thecus N2800 2-Bay NAS Review”
  1. Giocas says:

    Yes…interesting…but what about the main feature, the HD video playback via HDMI (not DLNA) ? It works? Can handle 1080p content? And iso 3D?

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