Themed controllers for PS3 released

/ 6 years ago

Sony is releasing two limited edition themed dual shock PlayStation 3 controllers. The releases are to support two upcoming game titles: Metal Gear and Uncharted 3. The Metal Gear controller will be sporting a green and gray camouflage type design whilst the Uncharted 3 is being offered in a tan brown style design.

The launch is only planned for Japan, the Metal Gear controller will come on the 17th of November whilst the Uncharted 3 design will come on November the 2nd. If the controllers sell well it should arrive in Europe and North America a few months after. However, many are already touting the Uncharted 3 controller for failure as the design hasn’t been recieved well by the gaming community. Either way PlayStation 3 certainly have a long way to go to catch up with the custom console and controller designs that Xbox 360 regularly release.


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  • dudes45

    The Metal Gear one looks okay.. Waste of money IMO though. Nice article!!

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