Thermaltake CTE C750 TG Air Case Review

Build Quality

It’s built like a freaking tank, seriously, this is one big, strong and heavy full-tower, and if you have a tendency to stub your toes on things, be sure this isn’t in your path. There’s a lot of steel here, but if you’ve been a long-time Thermaltake fan, you’ll know their high-end models tend to be pretty thick-walled and heavy, and the CTE C750 is no exception. However, it still has its modder-friendly mentality and you can strip the case down to its bare bones with just your thumbs. You can strip it down to parts with a basic tool set. So if you do plan to cut, paint, and modify this case, you’ll be able to get to the good stuff extremely quickly.

The side and top panels are easily removed with a firm tug on each. Behind them, you’ll find clip-in edge-to-edge dust filters, ensuring that no dust gets in, despite the hilariously large amount of air intake area this case provides. The rear side panel is also filtered, featuring a clip-in filter for the PSU and a larger vertical one for any side-mounted cooling. It also includes a slide-out filter on the bottom of the case.

The cable grommets are robust and massive. There are four below the motherboard and one to the side. However, remember that the motherboard is rotated 90 degrees in this case, but you’ll see that more clearly shortly.

There are three fans pre-installed in the case, and they’re all the latest CT140 and all in black. The white version of the case comes with the white CTE fans; check out my review of those fans here!

Behind the motherboard in the back chamber of the case, there’s a huge amount of room for dumping all your cable gore, but there are also some nice velcro cable straps on all sides too, which is nice.

There’s a drive mounting place installed on the side, which can be moved/removed to suit your needs, and it comes with anti-vibration washers already fitted to prevent unwanted vibrations from any drives you may install.

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