Thermaltake CTE C750 TG Air Case Review

Complete System

I actually only have one E-ATX motherboard spare at the moment, and it’s a bit of an older one, but hey, it still looks hilariously small in this case. I mean, seriously, this case is stupidly big, as to remind you once again why I mostly have it out in the garden for this review… yikes.

Cable management? Where we’re going you won’t need cable management! There are huge grommets right next to where you’ll need to connect the headers, so behind the motherboard, let it all hang out. honestly, it couldn’t be easier to work with, there’s enough space back here for another computer.

See what I mean, cables routed in about 2 minutes, and it looks extremely clean and tidy. The cables are there, look harder!

There is a plethora of drive mounts on this case, so I had to demo something and I dusted off a box of SSDs I had in a cupboard. Not sure when we transitioned to only using M.2 on all our systems here, but it seems that is the case these days.

I like this removable cage too, you can move it about a bit, and it’ll provide a mount for pumps, reservoirs and other cooling hardware.

The cable grommets are superb, the extra wide design makes them extremely versatile for any configuration and having two rows makes it easy to deal with fans, pumps, storage devices and more with relative ease.

GPU size just isn’t an issue, the GTX 1080 Ti is a small fry by modern standards, but still a lovely card regardless. There’s ample width, depth and length for any GPU I can think of, with any thickness and big thick water cooling pipes coming off the sides, it won’t be a problem.

There’s a lot of clearance in the top, and that’s undoubtedly a good thing, as this is where all heat will exhaust. Heat will naturally go up anyway, but if you have four sides of fans bringing air in, there’s going to be a positive air pressure in the case and that’ll push all the heat up and out of the top opening really well.

Overall, this is just stupidly big, too big for my gaming space, that’s for sure. I have a Fractal North under my desk, and that just fits. This is significantly wider, taller and longer, so not really for me. However, if you want to go full boss mode and throw big rads, big fans and big everything in a PC build, this is just awesome.

I love all this I/O too, it’s all hidden and filtered and protected, so it looks tidy, but it is all still hiding in there. There are routing holes all over too so all your cables can be fed internally to that rear grommet above the PSU.

With everything back in place, I feel I’ve made good use of the new trolly today, and as big as it is, I do love this case, it’s just so damn easy to work with, so capable, and surprisingly tidy given its brutish nature.

I’ve always had fun with these big TT cases, and lord knows there’s been a fair few of them. I’m put in a fake head, food, teddies, drinks, a monitor once, and even my toolbox to fill the voids… and of course, in 12 years of case reviews, I have matured the square root of zero.

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