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Thermaltake TGM-V32 32″ Quad HD 170Hz Monitor Review

A Closer Look

Thermaltake has played it pretty safe here, with an exterior design that’s pretty basic and understated. I would border on the line of saying it looked cheap, but that’s not really true, it’s just pleasantly bland. Gaming monitors with funky stands are cool, but sometimes they can look distracting too, so I actually appreciate this toned-down and more office-friendly aesthetic.

There are five buttons on the bottom of the frame for the OSD, pretty basic really, and I would have preferred a control stick on the back of the panel as they’re much easier to use.

Similar to the button indicators the Thermaltake logo is simply printed onto the middle of the frame.

The panel is quite large at 32″, and while not razer thin like some OLEDs, it’s definitely not too bulky either, which bodes well for those wanting to directly mount it to a wall or have limited desktop space in general.

The panel looks great though, with a good anti-glare matte finish, and that 1000R curve just brings in the edges a little bit, which helps a lot on these larger panels.

The stand is good, offering a good amount of ergonomic adjustment. Weirdly, it uhm, rotates a bit. It doesn’t go to full portrait mode, but if you like to sit with your head at a jaunty angle, it can go this far… for some reason.

There’s a reasonable amount of left and right rotation, again not a huge amount, but plenty to tilt it away from the sun shining through the window or to turn to the person next to you to show them some dank memes.

At the back, it’s a really understated design here too, with a very clean back panel.

However, that glossy oval in the middle is actually packing in some RGB lighting if you want to throw some colour out into the room.

There’s a cable pass-through built into the stand, so display and power cables should be easy to control.

Much like the Thermaltake logo on the front, the TT logo is simply printed onto the plastics at the back.

The back cover hides all the ports, and under it, you’ll find a pair of HDMI and a single DisplayPort on one side.

Then a simple power connector on the other side, bonus that it doesn’t require an external power brick.

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