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Thermaltake TGM-V32 32″ Quad HD 170Hz Monitor Review

How Much Does it Cost?

The Thermaltake TGM-V32 32″ Quad HD 170Hz Monitor is available at Scan Computers with an MSRP of £349.99, which is pleasantly surprising given the features and size of the panel, making this a very attainable monitor for those wanting a premium gaming experience that won’t break the bank. Now, some cheaper aspects of the monitor keep the cost down, such as the relatively basic ergonomics of the stand, the fairly plain-looking casing, and the simple button UI controls, but if that keeps the cost down without compromising on panel performance, then I’m all for it.


There’s not really a lot to complain about with this monitor that I haven’t already mentioned above, it doesn’t so much cut corners are it does keep certain features fairly basic to ensure they can get a killer gaming panel into this price bracket, and they’ve certainly done that.

The panel is VA, and while some will swear by IPS or even OLED, VA is a well-matured platform, and this panel is packed with great features that make it a serious contender. The black levels are great, the peak brightness is good, and even in HDR400 mode, it holds up great for gaming, but black levels can be a little shiny in movies with darker scenery. It is edge-lit but short of getting your head at a significant off-angle, I didn’t notice any light bleeding issues outside of HDR mode.

The 170Hz refresh rate is plenty fast too, and while I know this will vary for most gamers, anything above 100Hz is plenty for me, so I’d likely just cap my system at 120Hz and save my GPU from having to work harder than I need it to. At 170Hz, you’re going to get those response times nice and low though, so if you’re a competitive gamer, maxing it out may be best. FreeSync and G-Sync compatibility will ensure there’s no screen tearing should you drop below that too, so things always look great regardless.

The OSD buttons are basic, but the UI is excellent, with all the major and minor settings you could ask for to calibrate and fine-tune the monitor to your needs and taste. Gaming-friendly features like Overdrive, crosshairs, and various colour profiles are all easily accessed too.

What pushes this monitor to the next level is the colour accuracy, covering a high percentage of AdobeRGB and DCI-P3 within impressively low Delta-E, so it’s good for colour-sensitive work, but also means that viewing your photos, movies, games and more will look like they’re supposed to!

Should I Buy One?

For Thermaltake to be a new player in the monitor market they have to hit the market with products that are going to grab people’s attention and the TGM-V32C hits the mark perfectly, with an appealing price tag, and performance that is going to put a big smile on any PC gamers face. Now, I can’t wait to get their other new monitor, the TGMM-I27FQ (27″ Fast IPS panel) in for testing and see how that compares!

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