Thermaltake TT eSPORTS Challenger Pro Gaming Keyboard Review

/ 7 years ago

The Challenger Pro gaming keyboard is an excellent keyboard providing any gamer with exactly what they need to compete at a professional level. I could only think of two things that I would change on the keyboard: The first thing would be the LED profile indicator. This is an indicator light located at the top of the Challenger Pro which changes color to indicate which profile is selected. There are four different colors and having to remember which color represents which profile was a little confusing. A couple of times I selected the wrong color and had to cycle through the profiles until I could find the correct one. It would be a little easier and faster to select the correct profile using a numbered LED indicator instead of using colors. The second thing I would change would be the fan. Even though it is rated for 2.7 CFM, it seemed a little weak and I could barely feel the air flow over my fingers. Luckily my fingers don’t sweat that much, but a stronger fan would be a little more useful for people who have sweaty fingers.

What I liked most about the Challenger Pro keyboard was its ability to load up to four different profiles. In Starcraft II, this gave me the ability to use the same key to produce units regardless of which race (Terran, Protoss, or Zerg) I was playing. Being able to adjust the timing of the macro key is another feature which I thought was very cool. I also liked the overall keyboard look and feel and the ability to adjust the LED back light illumination of the keys. It’s got a nice long detachable USB cable and carry bags for both the keyboard and cable making it easy to transport to a friends house or to a competition. I was just at Blizzcon 2010 and saw several of the professional gamers pulling their keyboards out of carrying cases similar one included with the Challenger Pro. One of the best things about the Challenger Pro is the price. Retailing for $69.99 shipped, almost half the cost of the Razer Marauder with pretty close to the same features, I would have to say it’s definitely worth the price. The Challenger Pro gaming keyboard is also backed by a one year limited warranty on parts and labor should anything happen to go wrong with it.

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