Thrustmaster T-Wireless PS3 and PC Analogue Controller Review

/ 5 years ago

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Today I’m taking a look at the T0Wireless Playstation 3 and PC analogue controller from Thrustmaster, a budget friendly replacement controller that connects to both PS3 and PC via an included USB dongle device.  Thrustmaster have been making devices like this for around 20 years now and while they have a solid reputation for some of their more premium products and high end peripherals, they are also well known for creating great budget accessories and peripherals for consoles and PC.

While I’m not expecting earth shattering performance from this controller, given that it is priced at little over £20, (which for a multi-format wireless controller is quite cheap) I will be putting it to the test as I would any game controller, in a selection of games for both supported formats to see how it holds up in a day to day gaming environment.

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In these tests I will be taking a look at its style, build quality and overall performance in Soul Calibur V, God of War 3 & Little Big Planet on the PS3 as well as Fifa 12, Skyrim and Need for Speed Shift 2 on PC, so come and read the next few pages if you would like to find out how this low cost wireless controller performs.

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One Response to “Thrustmaster T-Wireless PS3 and PC Analogue Controller Review”
  1. LunaticGamer says:

    “In the centre you will also find a PlayStation compatible “home” button as well as a re-mappable key for use on PC.” You missed the point of that remap key– it allows you to reasign button functions! It’s a godsend for games that do not allow you to tailor the layout as you wish and is a primary selling point for the controller.

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