Timberman Becomes The Latest Alternative To Flappy Bird

/ 4 years ago


We all know how popular Flappy Bird was when it hit the App store and Google Play earlier in the year and since its creator pulled it from both stores, users have been begging for its return so that they can fulfil their flappy cravings. The wait for an alternative is not over as a new game known as Timberman has chopped its way to the top of the download charts.

As simple as Flappy Bird was, Timberman is a simple, yet addictive game where you have to chop down trees whilst avoiding branches by tapping on either side of the tree to get as many blocks of wood out as you can; as seen below.


As popular and frustrating as this drop dead simple game is, it has actually been rocking around on the App Store for a good couple of months now, but like many games that sit at the top of the charts, it sometimes takes a bit of time before a game gets recognised and goes viral. In the case of Timberman, this surge in downloads came to be after the games was featured as an Editors Choice by Apple. Not surprisingly, the acknowledgement has sent the downloads rocketing and out of the 2.5 million downloads that have been made, nearly half of these have been done over the last three days.

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Addictive or not I’m not one for mobile game downloads, but I’m sure that a number of you readers will be wanting to join the craze, so here’s the links for the App Store and Google Play. Fancy more? a golden version is also available to download for 69p /99 cents.

Source: News for Shoppers 

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