Titan Z Misses Launch Day, Has Nvidia Delayed It Indefinitely

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There is something strange going on at the Nvidia camp, not only have they already delayed the mighty Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Z graphics card, but now it appears to… well, actually, it hasn’t appeared and that is what worries us. The card literally launched yesterday and with any GPU launch you expect some amount of commotion as people scramble to get one, even at $3000 a pop, we were still expecting this to fly off the shelves as there are enough people with either a professional need for this card, or just very deep pockets and a lot of spare time to kill.

So far there are no retailers, system integrators or anyone else for that matter with the cards, so it looks like the Titan Z has missed its own launch party and worse still, Nvidia have yet to say anything about it. To add more worry to the matter, ComputerBase.de has the cards release date as “shifted indefinitely”.

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With the Titan Z pushing around 8TFLOPS of performance Nvidia were set to rule, but word has it that they’ve decided to redesign the card after AMD’s card performed at 11.5TFLOPS, and it does it for half the price. Nvidia needs to come back with something more powerful and cheaper to compete and this is a great thing for consumers.

It’s a shame if the Titan Z didn’t launch, it’s 12GB of GDDR5 memory and general performance would still have AMD beaten in many benchmarks, just not all benchmarks. It was poised to be a real powerhouse for 4K gaming, but now we’ll have to wait and see exactly what Nvidia are going to do.

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One Response to “Titan Z Misses Launch Day, Has Nvidia Delayed It Indefinitely”
  1. mr2k9 says:

    seriously? they really feel threathen by R9 295X2 that much? i thought titan z supposely wasnt aimed for gaming….

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