Top Gun 2 Gets The Green Light… No, Seriously!

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I feel this article needs some backing music. So let’s just open up this link in a new tab. All set? Skipped the adverts on YouTube? Good.

Even after 20 years of being grounded, it looks like the Top Gun sequel is finally set to take off as Paramount gets behind the sequel to give it the shake up it needed. It’s long been known that the sequel was in the works, but after ten years in development hell and the death of the original director Tony Scott, it was long believed that things had been abandoned.

As with most things in the movie industry, all you need is a big cheque book and Paramount of got Tom Cruise on board to reprise his role, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and even writer Justin Marks is on board to try fix up the since abandoned script draft from Peter Craig.

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Personally I think this film is going to be utter guff, I just can’t imagine it gaining the same iconic status as it once did, but no doubt enough people will line up on day one to justify the cost of making it.

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