Toshiba Updates with 6TB Enterprise HDDs

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tosbiba 6tb ehdd

Toshiba has a long list of storage products from consumer hard drives over hybrid laptop drives and all the way to large-capacity enterprise grade hard disk drives. But data volume grows, especially in the enterprise section and to combat that ever-growing need, Toshiba created the 6TB version in their MG04 series.

The new Toshiba MG04 6TB drive will be available as both SATA and SAS version. It spins the platters with 7200RPM that in return gives a sustained transfer rate of 205 MiB/s. The SAS version of the drive is 12Gbit/s compliant for enhanced power management and better integration into existing systems.

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These enterprise hard drives have native support for 4K sector technology while it can emulate 512e advanced format sectors for legacy applications. They further feature persistent write cache to protect against power loss. All in all, a drive that sounds like it has all the basic features you could want.

tosbiba 6tb ehdd 2

There are also model options supporting SAS and SATA commands to enable sanitize “instant” cryptographic erase (SIE). The 6TB MG04ACA (SATA) and MG04SCA (SAS) models will begin sampling to OEM customers in Q1 2015.

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