Trojan Posing as Infamous Movie The Interview Attacks Android Phones

/ 3 years ago

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Malware, under the guise of notorious Seth Rogen comedy The Interview, has been attacking Android smartphones in India. The Computer Emergency Response Team of India (CERT-In) first detected the Trojan, proliferated via a link offering a supposed download of The Interview. The virus is designed to compromise any banking apps installed on the phone in order to access the users’ accounts.

The CERT-In blog reads:

“Once installed (the virus), the application will display an icon using imagery from the poster of the movie The Interview. When the Trojan is being installed, it requests permissions to perform either open network connections, write to external storage devices or install application packages.

When the app (application) is installed, it claims to allow users to watch the movie The Interview for free but instead installs a two-stage banking Trojan onto infected devices.”

The hope is that, now that cybersecurity has detected and catalogued the Trojan, that it will not be allowed to spread beyond the Indian locale.

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