Tryout Out Oculus Rift At… Chuck E. Cheese!

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Oculus Rift has proven to be a very popular bit of technology, despite the fact that the retail edition is yet to be announced. That hasn’t stopped people from medical professions, the military, gamers, movie lovers, modders, hackers, engineers and more finding innovative ways of using the technology and now it looks like it’s the turn of Chuck E. Cheese.

The trial begun this week in Dallas, Texas, although San Diego, California and Orlando, Florida are expected to follow at some point later this month and will run for a trial period of six weeks.

Kids today have unprecedented access to game consoles and tablets,” said Roger Cardinale, president, CEC Entertainment, Inc. “Our challenge is to deliver an experience not available at home, and there is no doubt virtual reality does just that. Oculus Rift technology is the next frontier in the gaming industry, and we’re thrilled to be able to say it’s part of the Chuck E. Cheese’s lineup.”

With 571 Chuck E. Cheese stores over 48 states and eight more countries, the company can do a lot for Oculus Rift, for starters they can buy a few hundred headsets, but it’s also a great way for gamers to go try out the headset in the coming weeks, especially for those who are still on the fence about the technology or have yet to try it out at all.

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Having used both DK1 and DK2 Oculus Rift headsets, I highly recommend you get  down there are try it out, forget all the “oh but they’re owned by Facebok now” nonsense and go enjoy some awesome technology.

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One Response to “Tryout Out Oculus Rift At… Chuck E. Cheese!”
  1. Wayne says:

    I think l’ll forget about moseying down to the nearest ChuckE outlet, it’s gonna be a hellava lot cheaper buying the device outright than spending a fortune on airfares back and forth.

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