TSMC (or maybe Samsung) to make 20nm GPU processors for Nvidia?

/ 5 years ago

In an interview given to a South Korean newspaper, general manager of GeForce GRID cloud gaming , Phil Eisler, said that the company is most likely giving a contract to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) for manufacturing their 20nm cores.

They evaluated all of the foundry options but found TSMC to be the best choice and will have a long-term corporation with TSMC. Samsung Electronics, who is currently making processors for Apple (for now) is rumoured to try and bag Nvidia’s 20nm foundry contracts, although Samsung’s share of the Silicone foundry market is low compared to others such as GlobalFoundries, so it will be interesting to see if Samsung can bag the contract.

According to the reports in 2011, TSMC has 48.8% of the foundry market, followed by United Microelectronics Corp with 12.1%, GlobalFoundries Inc. with 12% and Samsung’s 1.6% share. Nvidia is also watching with all eyes open to see if TSMC will bag Apple’s foundry contracts from Samsung after all the issues between the two companies.

Source: CENS Taiwan



One Response to “TSMC (or maybe Samsung) to make 20nm GPU processors for Nvidia?”
  1. Oda Nobunaga says:

    3rd world quality Taiwan and it’s low quality OEM companies such as TSMC, that has been getting all sorts of complaints from Nvidia for FAILING to consistently make 20nm chipset is leaving Nvidia not much other options but to negotiate with the Electronic giant such as Samsung (or maybe LG).

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