TSMC To Boost 20nm Production During Rest of 2014 – Good News For AMD/Nvidia

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There’s good news for AMD, Nvidia and graphics card enthusiasts because the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is announcing increased capacity for the second half of this year. TSMC claim 20nm production will ramp up in Q3 to account for 10% of their revenues and by Q4 that will be 20%. TSMC are also looking to ride the global semiconductor wave which is expected to rise 3-5% annually over the next half decade, TSMC’s growth rates will be higher than the industry average.

In 2013 TSMC’s production reached 15.67 million 8 inch equivalent wafers, up from 14.04 million in 2012. TSMC is currently pushing towards 20nm production, is starting early roll-out of 16nm production and is researching experimental 10nm production which it hopes to mass produce by 2016 and have trial production of in 2015. The future certainly looks bright for TSMC and if you’re a graphics card enthusiast this is only good news – smaller process nodes means the potential for more performance. Bring on 20nm I say!

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Source: Digitimes

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