Tt eSPORTS Poseidon Z RGB Review

A Closer Look

First impressions of the RGB are very promising, I mean obviously it looks like a keyboard, so that’s the first box ticked right there. What I do notice, however, is that the chassis around the edges is super slim, meaning it takes up less desk space, which is certainly no bad thing.

The key caps are of a nice quality with a clear lettering that should allow a good amount of light to pass through from the RGB LEDs. There’s a range of multimedia keys on F1-F4, which can be accessed through Fn-Shift.

Even more shortcuts on F5-F7, this time for volume controls. The Fn-Shift multimedia keys are always a nice thing to have, as I can control music while playing a game, without having to pause or tab out to the desktop to do so.

There are five profiles built into the keyboard which can be quickly changed using the P1-P5 buttons. At stock, these profiles all store different lighting profiles, allowing you to switch from constant, rainbow, and various responsive lighting effects; F11 and F12 control the master brightness of the LEDs, including the ability to turn them off completely.

Those profile keys aren’t just for lighting, of course, as there’s a dedicated macro button in the top right, allowing you to quickly record, save and deploy key combinations on-the-fly while you’re working or gaming. This is a very welcome feature, especially if you’re doing a repetitive task, as you can streamline many of the commands you’re doing exactly when you need them. I don’t personally use Macros all that often, but they’re still a nice thing to have regardless.

To help enhance the RGB lighting, the keys have a reflective white backplate, so we should see some nice under-lighting effects, as well as clear lighting on the key lettering.

The chassis os the keyboard is quite slim, with the keys set slightly into the chassis, giving the Poseidon Z a relatively slim design. This is great if you don’t like bulky keyboards, but also makes it easier to store in your bag; perfect for travelling to LAN gaming events.

Around the back, you’ll find two rubber stoppers, as well as a small hole for the USB cable.

On the underside, there are five firm rubber grips to keep the keyboard in place on your desktop. Throughout all of my testing, the keyboard didn’t budge once, so they certainly do their job.

The sturdy kickstands give the back of the keyboard a little more elevation, but you do lose the use of two of the grips. Fortunately, since there are three grips at the front edge, the keyboard still stays firmly in place

The RGB features on this keyboard are fairly self-explanatory, they lighting up the keyboard is an endless range of colours. This is great for those who like to tune in their favourite colours, or just want to enjoy a colourful display in general. At the maximum setting, the keys are very bright, great for those using it in a well-lit room, but they can be dialled down to suit your taste.

Profiles allow you to store different colours and effects; the stock one uses a single solid colour.

There’s also a fading on-key reaction mode.

Rainbow effect horizontal effect.

Rainbow burst effect.

Or just full blown disco with super smooth and vibrant transitions from key-to-key.

The glossy white background works really well at providing under-key lighting too, giving you a really clear and colourful lighting effect across the whole keyboard.

Gaming on this keyboard is as good as you would expect from a mechanical keyboard. The Kailh Blue switches are remarkably similar to the Cherry MX variants, giving you a good actuation, with an audible and tactile click when you strike a key.  What really makes this a great gaming keyboard, however, is the full N-key rollover/Anti-ghosting, combined with the Windows Lock mode. If you’re mashing away at the keyboard with fury while playing Dota2, you can rest assured that this keyboard won’t miss a single key-stroke.

The tactile response of blue mechanical switches is a little noisy, but the feedback and accuracy they provide is second to none. You’ll never be in doubt of your actions and they’re an absolute blast to use in any kind of gaming, from RPG to RTS.

For me personally, this kind of keyboard pays-off the most for day to day work. The keys are really nice to type on and the clicky response just encourages you to want to keep typing. The slim design of the keyboards chassis is another big win too, as it provides a comfortable typing position without the need for a wrist rest, while also using us less surface area on your desk, leaving more room for your mouse.

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