Tumblr Thriving After Yahoo Deal, 250K New Blogs Daily

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Most analysts commenting on Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr seemed to think that the deal would ruin Tumblr and it would rapidly fall apart under the direction of Yahoo. However, the total opposite seems to have happened and Yahoo’s $1.1 billion acquisition is now thriving with 250,000 new blogs being created daily and 80 million blog posts being added daily.

According to figures by Which-5o in 8 weeks Tumblr has added 14 million new blogs (a 13% overall increase) and has added 4.2 billion new posts (an 8% increase) compared to pre-takeover levels. Tumblr has been growing rapidly ever since its formation in February 2007 and the Yahoo acquisition seems to have accelerated that growth curve.

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That said, with a massive $1.1 billion spent on the acquisition we wonder how long it will take for Yahoo to rake their revenue back in by monetising the social media blogging service.

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  1. d6bmg says:

    So far so good.

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