Twitch Completes Pokémon, Next Adventure Starts Today!

/ 4 years ago
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Yes I know this isn’t the real Kaz Twitter, still funny though.

It has taken tens of thousands of people more than two weeks to complete it, but the community has finally prevailed and completed the online phenomenon that has been Twitch plays Pokémon. The self-described social experiment has clocked up some impressive figures over the last 16 days, seeing an impressive 1,165,140 unique players give out more than 122 million commands. On top of that, over 9 million unique people viewed the game more than 36 million times, with a peak viewer number of 121,000! That’s more than a billion minutes of viewing time in total, and enough reason to make Twitch tweak their sever configuration to handle the traffic.

“It’s safe to say that Twitch Plays Pokémon has been the biggest cultural phenomenon to strike Twitch all thanks to The Creator and You, our passionate and absolutely preposterous community,” wrote Twitch PR director Chase

The game was simple, you watch the game running in an emulator that was streamed live on Twitch, then people issue commands via chat to control the game. At first the game was each person takes turns, but with hundreds of commands crashing in the normal more quickly became nicknamed “anarchy” as it was unplayable and slow, with trolls taking their time to ruin the game. Instead the host upgraded the game to a new “democracy” mode, where you would vote on the button press, and assuming more people want to actually progress, so would the game… and it did, right to the end!

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Keep an eye on Twitch today, a new game is on its way!

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  1. Conor says:

    This was a great idea XD glad democracy mode was implemented, otherwise we would never finish XD

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