Two New Hall of Fame GTX 980 Graphics Cards from GALAX

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GALAX already has five Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 based graphics cards, but that doesn’t stop them from creating two more. The new GTX 980 HoF DUCK Edition and GTX 980 HoF TecLab Edition take the Nvidia chip and pushes it even further thanks to the custom PCB design, components and coolers.


The GALAX HOF Duck Edition currently holds the second place in official Fire Strike competition with an impressive score of 10580 points. The record was placed by Duck-OC who also helped to design this card and make it what it is. It is still unknown what clock speeds the card will come with, but Duck-OC overclocked the card to 2123 MHz for his record.


The Duck Edition features the same design as the other HOF cards with its triple-fan cooling solution, white PCB and backplate and it comes with the easy overclocking button located on the rear IO.

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The second new card was created together with the guys from TecLab, which is kind of obvious with the GALAX GTX 980 HoF TecLab Edition name.


The TecLab card is a little thicker than the other cards and takes up another half slot beside the default two, and it comes with a darker theme of black and grey. It also comes with a backplate and OC button as the other cards and this will most likely be the new flagship in the GTX 980 series.


Sadly we don’t know any further specifications at this time, but I’m looking forward to learning about them. These look like some serious graphics cards, but they’ll most likely also carry a serious price.


Thanks to VideoCardz for providing us with this information

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