U.S Judge rejects Apple’s injunction against Samsung

/ 3 years ago

Picture illustration of Apple's iPhone 5 and Samsung Electronics' Galaxy S4 taken in Seoul

In the latest fight of the ongoing patent war between Apple and Samsung, a U.S. judge has rejected Apple’s latest bid for a permanent injunction against Samsung, and it seems the blows they two are dealing to each other are getting smaller and smaller.

In her ruling, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, California, said that Apple’s reputation as an innovator “has proved extremely robust” despite Samsung’s patent infringement. “Apple has not demonstrated that it will suffer irreparable harm to its reputation or goodwill as an innovator without an injunction.”

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An Apple spokesperson declined to comment while Samsung said it welcomed the ruling. “We remain committed to providing American consumers with a wide choice of innovative products,” Samsung said.

The U.S is the last battlefield that is left for the two giants, after they decided to end all global patent lawsuits outside of the U.S earlier this year.

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