Ubisoft Reveals More Information On The Crew Motorfest

My History With The Crew

The Crew is a series I’ve enjoyed with the nitty gritty storyline of the first game combined with a massive map of the USA making it an almost dream open-world racing game. Unfortunately, it was paired up with average graphics and poor handling but ignoring those shortfalls it still held a place as one of my favourite games. The issues of graphics were remedied with the launch of the Wild Run DLC and update which if anything was the precursor to what the Crew would evolve into with its sequel.

The Crew 2 was the sequel released in 2018 again using the same USA map but stepping in a different direction closer to Forza Horizon but with the twist of including planes and boats which set the game apart from any other. When the game launched I was rather disappointed, I had pre-ordered the game which should’ve granted me early access but Ubisoft had scuffed that and didn’t have the servers ready in time. On top of that issue the game was missing several features from the first game and the map had been cut down a bit giving us this enormous world with nothing in it and no reason to explore with none of the discovery quests and vehicle wrecks from the first game. Despite those shortcomings, I do have to commend Ubisoft Ivory Tower for their post launch support of the game which is currently in its 8th season and many of the missing features from launch day are now in the game.

Recently The third game in the series named The Crew Motorfest was announced and truly pushed the series closer to Forza Horizon, so close in fact I’d almost call it a clone of Forza Horizon. Due to that, the reveal of the game didn’t quite catch my attention but the Hawaii map did bring me back to the Test Drive Unlimited series which definitely is leaning on the nostalgia for sales here, especially considering many of the Devs in Ivory Tower had worked on the TDU series which has been rebooted by Big Ben Games with a possible launch this year of Test Drive Solar Crown. Unfortunately, Test Drive SC doesn’t look promising as it was supposed to release last year but got delayed and even worse we still haven’t even seen any gameplay footage.

What’s New For The Crew Motorfest?

At Ubisoft Forward event Stephane Beley, the creative director at Ubisoft Ivory Tower, took to the stage to present more information on the Horizon Clone that is The Crew Motorfest. First off we are given a presentation of the various themed events that will be in the game from Lamborghini events, to JDM events and an Electric supercar event. These events are similar to Horizon which often has themed events which use specific types of vehicles or brands. Next we get shown some gameplay footage from street racing, racing up a volcano, racing in the jungle and racing on the beach showing us the variety of vehicles to choose from with fairly nice graphics. If you played the 2nd game then there is some good news for you as you will be able to transfer your collection into this new game meaning you don’t have to start with nothing but this is an optional choice as I much prefer starting from scratch. We are then shown the new Lamborghini Revuetto which will be featured in the game with a flashy cinematic. To ease off on my Horizon Clone slander I’ll give the game the benefit of the doubt in the fact that Horizon isn’t available on Playstation so for a while The Crew has been the only proper open-world racer for the console but I can’t help but feel like the whole idea of “The Crew” that was established in the first game has been lost, there’s no “Crew” anymore.

There weren’t massive amounts of information shared here but more information will be revealed at the Ubisoft Summer Showcase plus the game will be having a closed beta from July 21st to July 23rd which you can register for at and the game will be available on September 14th.

Jakob Aylesbury

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