UK ISPs Are To Block EZTV & YIFY File Sharing Sites

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ISPs here in the UK have been given an order to block two major file sharing websites known as EZTV and YIFY Torrents due to copyright infringement. The sites were accused of giving users “mass access to infringing content” according to the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) and the Motion Picture Association (MPA).

FACT and the MPA won a High Court order last week, although that has still to be published and it will take effect very soon and it’s just the latest move in the battle against piracy.

“The MPA and FACT wrote to EZTV last month asking it to stop infringing creative content,” a FACT spokesperson told the site. “This site provides access to copyrighted material on a large scale, with no permission from the copyright owners.”

“No response was received, so further action has been taken against EZTV through the courts,” the spokesperson added.

While the debate will rage on for a long time about the rights and wrongs of piracy, there was no doubt that EZTV and YIFY were blatantly sharing copyright material for their own profit, which is illegal, no doubt about it.

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Will this stop piracy, nope, of course it will not. The Pirate Bay has been blocked for months and the sites as popular as ever, but only time will tell if this latest step will help curb the problem for content holders.

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2 Responses to “UK ISPs Are To Block EZTV & YIFY File Sharing Sites”
  1. Zeed says:

    they wan to block stuff on internet ?? I am on Pirate bay every day…. LOL

  2. Anon says:

    What a complete charade for eztv, they never made money from it and least of all EZTV never had any copyright material unless u class “free” aired TV programs as copyright. The High court ha what a waste of space and complete joke. Go and tackle ‘REAL’ crime instead of wasting TAX payers money………

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