Ultrasonic Clothes Dryer – Faster and More Efficient

/ 10 months ago

Ultrasonic Clothes Dryer - Faster and More Efficient

An ultrasonic clothes dryer has been invented which is reported to reduce the time required by half and is 70% more energy-efficient.

Scientists from the Oak Ridge National laboratory, working in conjunction with General Electric, revealed the prototype which could revolutionise the clothes drying process.

The technology behind the design is that ultrasonic waves are sent into the drying chamber which causes vibration, this is turn makes the water move and via the spinning motion disperse faster.

Traditional Dryer with minor defect.

The research was conducted as there have not been any further development into the standard dryer technology (hot air and rotation to evaporate) for decades.

Jane Westgarth, a senior analyst at Mintel has said: “We have seen breakthroughs like injecting bubbles into washing machines to wash the clothes more effectively,”.

One major (and unexpected) bonus to this technology is that it is seemingly producing a significantly smaller amount of lint than in standard drying methods. In addition to this, with drying time being less, it is also believed that clothes will last long and be less liable to fading. Does this new drying technology hold water? or do you think it’s just a lot of hot air? Let us know in the comments.

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One Response to “Ultrasonic Clothes Dryer – Faster and More Efficient”
  1. Sykobee says:

    When it breaks down the repairman needs a sonic screwdriver to fix it?

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