Why Are There USB Drives Sticking out of Buildings in New York?

/ 2 years ago


Ever seen a USB connector just sticking out of a wall in New York? That’s because artist Aram Bartholl came up with the idea called “Dead Drops”. Essentially, Aram has been creating a completely anonymous offline file-sharing network and while I wouldn’t imagine this kind of file sharing to be safe from viruses and other issues, I still love the idea.

Of course, plugging your laptop into a wall could cause it to get a few scratches, so a little care would be needed. However, the temptation to simply discover what others have left on the drives, as well as thinking about the kind of cool stuff you could leave on there too, is pretty awesome.

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Each Dead Drop is installed with just one file on the device, a small .txt file which explains how the project works.

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  • You could just use a USB extension cable instead of scratching your laptop…

    • D Anoidz

      this man deserves a cookie for common sense

    • Mike Laste

      I agree. I don’t know if you are talking about the user or the developer though. If you meant user, it’s common but not everyone carries them around. It would be a great idea for the developer though. Damages should be expected on either way (original usb or cable) but I think more assholes would take notice to a cord thus it might be cut. All in all I think the idea of media from strangers is interesting and would like to see more impressive ideas.

  • Soloman

    the dumbest idea ever so many things is wrong with it

    • Matthew Beckett

      You fucking do something better then!

      • kratFOZ

        its called the internet

      • Bazingaa^_-

        Yeah i would for sure plug in my computer in to a random USB that sticks out from a wall.
        Never in the world that it could be any harmfull files on it.

        You fucking moron!

        • Matthew Beckett

          Oh because the internet is a land of unicorns and good blessings.

          • Bazingaa^_-

            A damn better place than a random USB!

  • Nathan Lloyd

    stupid idea the USB is allways the wrong way around

  • MR G

    Yeah because i just carry my laptop with me when im going for a walk on the beach. Great.