Users Can Now Make ‘Loop Back’ Requests For Loved Ones Who Have Passed Away

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On Facebook’s 10-year anniversary, the social media giant celebrated the occasion by introducing the ‘Look Back’ feature which basically consisted of a video generated with bits and glimpses from each user’s ‘life’ on Facebook.

The most shared, most liked, first moments and active discussions, everything compiled in an amazing video which brought happy memories and probably nostalgia to users who had spared the time to view it.

However, Facebook’s videos are more capable than just show you a few bits of your life. It can also show you brief reminders of who you are and the kind of life you’ve lived, and they can do this even after you’re not amongst us anymore.

Facebook has introduced the ability for family members to request a ‘Loop Back’ for loved ones who have passed away by requesting a video here. Along with the feature request, Facebook has also stated that the company is changing the way it will manage accounts belonging to the deceased.

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Previous accounts belonging to people who have passed away were switched to friends-only upon death. However, pages will now remain ‘as-is’ so that people can continue to view the page the way the owner intended while they were alive. Nevertheless, this will still remain something to think about when managing your account’s privacy settings.

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