Valve Releases 15-Minute Team Fortress 2 ‘Expiration Date’ Video

/ 4 years ago

In honor of the Team Fortress 2 “Love and War Update,” game studio Valve has released the 15-minute “Expiration Date” short film for gamers.

The game studio has released a handful of TF2 animated shorts, but Expiration Date is by far the longest available.  The video includes seven speaking characters for your enjoyment.


Speaking of the TF2 Love and War update, details remain scarce about what gamers can expect.  The video is the “Day One lead-up” to the upcoming update, and gamers are curious to see what Valve has planned.  It seems unlikely that a game update will be released, but other teases seem to be in the works.

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Thank you to Valve for providing us with this information

Image courtesy of Valve

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