Is Valve Teasing Or Did We See Left 4 Dead 3?

/ 2 years ago

left 4 dead 3

Valve is known for their tactics as much as they are for their software. From the glory days of Steam’s first sales and the Half-life series, it’s become a common joke that the company dislikes the number 3. This comes from the company releasing games such as Half life 2 and Left for dead 2 but never creating a third, that was until we recently caught a hint about Left 4 Dead 3.

Left 4 Dead sees players chasing after a goal avoiding the horde of infected that often overwhelm you all the while waiting for the bigger and more unique zombies to finish off your friends. It was never a secret just how much people liked the first two games in the series so when an employee uploaded a video showcasing how to import assets into Valve’s ‘destinations platform’ some eagle-eyed watchers spotted a folder pinned to the users window.

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As you can see one of the pinned folders clearly says left4dead3 and while the original screenshot and video have now been changed, it didn’t take long for the rumours to spread. With the private beta for Left 4 Dead appearing to have picked up in recent months, could users be testing out the new game in the old one?

As with all things Valve could have done this just to tease the public, something not unusual for companies to do but if not could we see another horde chasing down our attention in the coming months?

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One Response to “Is Valve Teasing Or Did We See Left 4 Dead 3?”
  1. mr2k9 says:

    Oh lord yes….

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