Valve’s Prototype Steam Machine Is Showcased, GTX Titan and Core i7 In A HTPC Case

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Valve showed off their new Steam Machine prototype to the Verge yesterday and it all looks pretty impressive. While the specifications of the Steam Machine will vary – for instance lower end models will have a GTX 660 and an Intel Core i3 – the top end model is quite an impressive creation. Given that from the outside the Steam Machine doesn’t look that different to your average chunky entertainment centre or HTPC you’d be surprised to know you can cram in up to a GTX Titan and a full desktop class Intel Core i7.


The secret to being able to cram such high end hardware in to a small space comes with Valve’s decision to let each component operate in its own individual cooling area. The graphics card, power supply and CPU cooler are all separated and can all intake and exhaust air separate from one another allowing the inside of the Steam Machine to stay relatively cool. At 12.4 x 12 inches and 2.9 inches the Steam Machine is similar to a slim Xbox 360 but with a tonne more power.

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The top end system comes with a GTX Titan and Core i7 4770, the middle system comes with a GTX 780 or GTX 760 and a Core i5 CPU while the entry system comes with a GTX 660 and Intel Core i3. All three systems will share 16GB of RAM and a 1TB hybrid drive that uses 8GB of SSD with a 1TB HDD platter.

Hardware side there are an absolute tonne more features and details to cover. We encourage any interested readers to go and check out the Verge’s exclusive hands on with the Steam Machine, the Steam controller and how it all performs in some real world gaming. You can check out the very interesting report here.

Images courtesy of the Verge

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  • Skidmarks

    If this is true you may as well chuck the SteamOS on your regular rig and buy a controller or two. Why waste time & money on this?

    • Pat

      Because SteamOS is still Linux based so you can’t have your windows only AAA yet, which is why you get something like this so you can stream your windows based AAA games to the SteamBox via your home network and so you can get the cheapest model while having a beefy gaming PC when you’re not in the mood for relaxing on the sofa.

      • Skidmarks

        Thanx but it still sounds like an unnecessary expense to me.

        • Johnathon Buchannan

          I certainly agree with that, for those who game on a PC are not likely going to get a steam box so they can play games on there living room TV,… especially when most gamers have comfy captain chairs XD.

          • Skidmarks

            Amen to that. Seem’s like we think along the same lies.

          • dang

            Actually, you couldnt be more wrong. When you get a girlfriend or wife and she wants to watch you play the latest bioshock or borderlands game, it’s a bit easier to play on a comfy couch than leaning to the right so she can see over your shoulder. Plus you dont have to use the controller, that’s why they make wireless keyboards and mice.

          • Gerry Mann

            But what if you want to take a shit, and you’re playing a really intense game and you really don’t want to pause. You can’t play PC while taking a shit, that’s ridiculous. Just buy ur self a 45″ TV in your toilet, buy a really long HDMI extension cable going from your room/living room (where ur steam box is) and connect it to that. So you can be happy for ever. Also you can buy one of those cushiony padded toilet seats so take it more comfy, or even something to rest your arms on. That’ll beat anything. This is life in heaven my friend.

          • thehypothetical

            I guess you’ve never heard of people that play on *gasp* BOTH PC and console? XD

          • Skidmarks

            THEY DO!!! Sacrilege. 🙁

    • thehypothetical

      Because your regular rig isn’t in the living room? Because not everybody builds their own PCs? Because nobody is saying you can’t put the open SteamOS on whatever you want?

  • charley machicote


    • Anonymous Anon

      I think you’ve got that Caps Lock key on. Please don’t perform such an act again.

      • rurush

        or you’ll be punished by the legion

        • charley machicote

          BLOW ME happy

  • dang

    anyone know where i can get this case

  • Jawsh

    This will fail if the price is higher than an xbox one.
    They’re supposed to be creating something that brings both console and pc together.

    If someone wants a console, they can just purchase one for $400 or $500… if they want a pc they can simply pay a bit more to build something decent. Why go and pay anywhere above $500 for something like this, when you get either a console for less or a decent PC for a little more.

    We will see though how they plan to do this.

    • thehypothetical

      This is a decent PC and you’re not accounting for the people that buy prebuilt computers, NTM there’s no windows cost tacked onto it so that would save valve about $75ish