Vanishing Spray Draws Attention During World Cup Free Kicks

/ 3 years ago

If you’re watching the 2014 World Cup from Brazil, you’ve probably seen referees spray a white line on the field before free kicks.  The high-tech vanishing spray is being used to encircle the ball and a second line is placed ten yards away, to prevent players in the defensive wall from encroaching on the free kick.  The kicker also is unable to roll the ball forward a little bit before taking the kick.

The custom 9:15 Fairplay spray has received praise from players, and referees are still trying to sort out how to accurately spray it on the field.

Spraying the field has only been somewhat successful so far – defenders will initially line up behind the temporary spray, but will still move ahead of the line as the ball is kicked.  The mystery 9:15 Fairplay spray disappears after about one minute, and helps further legitimize free kicks.

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Here is what Paul Rejer, Professional Referees Organization training and development manager said:

“We find the vanishing spray to be extremely useful and very effective in ensuring the defenders are 10 yards from the ball.  The spray makes it clear whether the ball is to be placed and where the defenders have to stand.  Since the use of spray we experience very few problems in achieving the… [minimum] distance.”

The spray is already used in Major League Soccer and in South American soccer tournaments.  FIFA has tested it during the Club World Cup and Under-20 World Cup – and it will be used in the Champions League starting next season.

Thank you CNN for providing us with this information

Image courtesy of Business Insider

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3 Responses to “Vanishing Spray Draws Attention During World Cup Free Kicks”
  1. mr2k9 says:

    that pic… its like the ref giving a bj and that player facial like its gonna cum soon… LOL

  2. Klimax says:

    IIRC Bundesliga uses it too.

  3. Swanson says:

    That’s really neat – btw I saw this when I was watching the streams on and thought it was a streaming error lol.

    @mr2k9:disqus – totally looks like that, you just ruined it 😀

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