Venezuela Confirms It Has Received Snowden’s Asylum Request

/ 4 years ago


On the back of Venezuela offering Edward Snowden political asylum Venezuela’s president, pictured above – Nicolas Maduro, has confirmed they received his application on Monday before the deadline. Nicaragua’s president Daniel Ortega also confirmed that they received a request on Monday too via its Moscow Embassy.

We received a letter requesting asylum…[Snowden] will need to decide when he will fly here”

Venezuela have granted Edward Snowden political asylum on the grounds that if he returned to the USA to face trial he would likely be persecuted, imprisoned for life or even sentenced to death for crimes against the state. Yet most Latin Nations seem to agree that what Snowden has done is not a crime against the state but a favour for humanity and thus he deserves protection.

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It will be interesting to see how Edward Snowden can get to Venezuela without being intercepted by international arrest warrants for the countries’ airspace that he needs to fly to, to get to Venezuela.

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