Venezuela Is Snowden’s Last Chance Says Russia Official

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Alexei Pushkov, chairman of the Russia Duma’s Foreign Affairs Committee, has stated that he believes Venezuela is the last chance of Edward Snowden to avoid extradition to the USA. In a statement made on his Twitter he stated that:

“Venezuela is waiting for a response from Snowden. This is probably his last chance to get political asylum. Otherwise he will get married to Anna Chapman.”

Venezuela is still waiting for a response from Edward Snowden and he has until the end of today, July 8th, to file that response to Venezuela’s authorities.

The “Anna Chapman” alternative that Pushkov speaks of refers to the former Russia spy Anna Chapman. She recently came out to state that she would marry Edward Snowden to get him Russian citizenship and protect him from the USA. However, he cannot get married without a passport or the relevant documents and the consular office at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport lacks the powers to authorise such a marriage. That said Alexei Pushkov was clearly making a joke, but a slightly sour one at that. Let’s hope that Edward Snowden takes Venezuela up on their offer.

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Should Snowden choose to reject Venezuela he still does have Bolivia and Nicaragua to choose from.

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