Video Show Project CARS Development Over Last Two Years

/ 3 years ago


YouTube user ADRIANF1esp has been a long time supporter of Slight Mad Studios upcoming racing sim Project CARS. The game has been developed through the WMD portal, allowing community funding and hands on development for the game.

The game has been playable for backers and developers for quite some time now and Adrian has taken a few laps around California Highway track in the recent 782 build of the game, perfect for comparing to his previous run through of the track two years ago on build 249.

It’s immediately apparent that a lot has changed in the game, the lighting system has been massively improved, reflections are now much more detailed, improved textures, and a lot more fine environment details have been added. The best part of all, there is still plenty more work to be done on this game and with the promise of 4K support and Oculus Rift, we suspect the retail edition will be absolutely mind blowing.

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Thank you DSO Gaming for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of DSO Gaming.

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