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Video Shows ReShade Ray Tracing Mod Working on CEMU

ReShade Mod Hits CEMU

With the release of the ReShade mod, over the last few weeks we have seen a number of games get the retrospective ray tracing mod. If you haven’t heard of it to date, the mod essentially allows ray tracing graphics effects to be added to games. Notable, those which were not originally designed to support it.

While the results have on occasion been a little mixed, it does bring significant hope that if ray tracing (or path tracing to be more accurate) really does take off, it can at least be ‘retro-fitted’ to games. We’ve already seen this some in games such as Dark Souls 3 and Skyrim.

Following the release of a new video by BSoDGaming, however, the mod is now seen to be fully working amazingly within the CEMU Wii-U emulator.

Working Surprisingly Well!

While I wouldn’t say that I’ve been critical of the CEMU emulator, I have always been ready to tip some cold water over the hyperbole. Put simply, while it is good, it’s still a long way from perfect. The work done so far on bringing Wii-U games to the PC, however, is truly remarkable. You do still need a pretty solid system to get the best out of it though.

In addition, when you add on the additionally workload that the ReShade mod introduces, frankly I’m amazed that we have a video that runs this well! Colour me surprised!

What Do We Think?

We honestly never expected to see the ReShade mod working on the CEMU emulator. Apparently, however, BSoD Gaming informs us that the emulator has always been capable of it. So, in truth, we’re pretty mind blown at this point. Not only does it work though, but it also seems to work really well without dragging the performance down.

Better still, in terms of the mod itself, we’re still in the really early days. As such, we can only expect things to get bigger and better in the future! Now all you need is a strong graphics card.

What do you think? Are you impressed with the video? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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