WarZ creator apologies for being arrogant and Blinded by early success and quick growth

/ 5 years ago

Sergey Titov, the executive producer of the horror suvival game “War Z”, has sent an apology letter with a 1,875 word count to War Z Players, though none of it has the word “Steam” in it.

The very long apology letter made incredibly short, apologizes for multiple issues that was raised by the players from being banned in community forums for criticizing the game play and misleading Steam descriptions after the game was removed from Steam and costs refunded.

He said:

“Unfortunately, we weren’t prepared for this large success and the way we managed the community was not the way it should’ve been. We relied too much on forum moderators, whose primary role was to punish those who break rules, not to engage the community and guide conversations into productive discussions about problems.”


“We failed to communicate our position and messaging on the outside platforms such as Facebook, twitter and various online websites, and when we did this we chose to rely more on arrogance rather than being humble and trying to understand why people were saying negative things. We chose to tune out negative reactions to the game, not paying enough attention to them – and this, again, is my fault.”

To those who don’t know, WarZ is a survival horror game developed by Hammerpoint Interactive which didn’t survive for long despite hitting the top best-seller charts in Steam on Day one. Players complained about the misleading description, especially about only one map available in the game and with 72 square kms of virtual terrain, no private servers, points system and available skills for in-game characters followed by the absence of hardcore mode as well. When the players complained about it in WarZ’s community forums, they received a ban immediately.

After the series of banned players complained to Steam, the company investigated and eventually removed the title from their listings, issuing refunds straight away.

Source: Kotaku

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