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The live stream is about to begin and Sony are about to make what could be the either the biggest moment in modern gaming history or the biggest PR disaster in decades, I am of course betting that this is going to be something truly awesome and the world is watching for what we think will be the first official unveiling of the Sony PlayStation 4, the worlds first true next-gen console in the last 7 years!

We have the live stream for your viewing pleasure below

What can you expect from the event?

Well the first thing that we know, or should that be “don’t know” is how long this event will be, so get a drink, find some snacks and get your self comfortable as this could be anything from 30mins to 2 hours long, no one knows! One thing I am certain of is that Sony wouldn’t go through all this trouble for a 20min performance. 1200 members of the gaming press and Sony investors are in New York and Sony isn’t about to waste their time and effort for attending.

When Sony launched the Vita at a similar event we were treated to gameplay of the stunning Uncharted demo and its likely that we will see something similar today.

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Brace yourself for a lot of Sony blowing their own trumpet, talking at great length about their brand history, success stories and generally showing off, but this is there moment, so I’ll allow it.

Game trailers, announcements, keynote speeches and presentations from first party developers and more are more than likely, we may even get our first glimpse of the new controller.

What not to expect?

It’s highly unlikely that we will see that actual PS4 hardware unit today, Sony are not about to play all their cards at once and there are many more major gaming events between now an the possible launch window of November – March for them to let people get hands on, see the hardware etc.

It’s not likely that they will speak about price, official launch date, too many game or much else either as again, they will want to keep the hype going to with slow released details over the next few months.

What now?

Time to kick back and relax, the action is about to begin! If your lucky, we might even get a new edition of the PlayStation Ducks demo that was used for the PS2 and PS3 launches.

Live stream by Ustream

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