Watch the World Go by in This Stunning GTA V Timelapse

/ 3 years ago


Grand Theft Auto V has been out for quite some time now, but it’s only since the release of the PC version have we really been able to see what Rockstars’ latest game engine is truly capable of. While many people are already working hard to bring mods to the game, such as this completely bonkers training tool that allows you to create an animal led apocalypse, but there’s also beauty to be found beyond all the chaos.

The game engine can be pushed to some graphics card killing highs, with immense draw distances, incredible lighting effects, stunning shadows that sweep across the games detailed and busy environments and a whole lot more.

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The video below, created by Tree Plays is a prime example of how detailed this game really is, as it captures the world going by in a gorgeous time-lapse that would have you fooled into thinking you were watching a time-lapse of a very real city and its inhabitants.

The game looks gorgeous now, but just imagine what the game will be like in a few months time when the enthusiast modding community has picked deeper into the games capabilities, with advanced texture mods, lighting tweaks and a whole lot more; I can’t wait!

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