Western Digital Make Available 4TB Green Drive

/ 4 years ago


Western Digital recently announced its 4TB variant of the Western Digital Green series of desktop hard drives. The WD40EZRX is designed for consumer desktop systems and uses a conventional 3.5 inch form factor to offer 4000GB of unformatted space – 3.6TB when formatted within Windows NTFS file system. The drive uses the SATA III 6gbps interface and has a variable RPM around the 5400 point which will always stay below 6000 RPM. The device has 64MB of cache on board and WD’s acoustic management technology.

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In terms of power consumption the drive is designed to use a maximum of 4.5W when under full load, 3.3W when spinning but idle and 0.4W when parked and spun-down. The drive is available immediately and will be priced between $170 and $190 depending on where you buy it.

Image courtesy of Western Digital, Via TechPowerUp

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2 Responses to “Western Digital Make Available 4TB Green Drive”
  1. Unlocker9000 says:

    “4000TB of unformatted space”, what a waste of space, if it only offers 3.6TB when formatted… 😛

  2. Gerry Mann says:

    Why not raid 0, 4 HDDs? Much faster.

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