WhatsApp Goes Down Just Days After $19bn Acquisition

/ 4 years ago


With a huge user base of more than 450 million monthly users, WhatsApp is nothing short of extremely popular as a method of getting touch with each other. This obviously got the attention of the Zuckerberg clan as Facebook recently spent an appallingly large amount of money acquiring the app, $19 billion to be exact, although around $15 billion of that is Facebook shares.

Unfortunately for the new owners, things aren’t going especially smooth this week, as the apps users are reporting mass outages, prompting the company to tweet “We hope to be back up and recovered shortly.”

The service only appeared to go down for a few hours, but when you have such a large user base who may have been relying on the series, then you’ve got a huge amount of unsent messages hanging on your network. No doubt  Facebook can deploy some serious investment into the companies infrastructure in the not to distant future.

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Personally I didn’t even notice that the service had gone down yesterday, but I do rely on it quite a lot to stay in touch with friends and family, so fingers crossed they’ve got it all sorted.

Thank you Sky for providing us with this information.

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