White House Wants to Make Illegal Downloads a Felony Offense

/ 3 years ago


The White House has weighed in on the issue of media copyright infringement online, asserting that illegal downloads should be made a felony offense. Alex Niejelow, Chief of Staff to the US Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator and National Security Council’s Head of Cybersecurity Policy, said in a statement, “we believe that federal criminal law should be modernized to include felony criminal penalties for those who engage in large-scale streaming of illegal, infringing content in the same way laws already on the books do for reproduction and distribution of infringing content.”

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The White House affirmed its position on the matter in response to two online petitions calling for more leniency in intellectual property laws, citing the failed Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) and Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) as dangerously restrictive.

Source: The Hill

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3 Responses to “White House Wants to Make Illegal Downloads a Felony Offense”
  1. 63Jax says:

    poor americans, i pity them…in a few years they will have only one right, to choose between Pepsi and Coca Cola 🙁

  2. Jeordie White says:

    In time we will need to jail anyone who visits youtube and spends large periods of time listening to free streamed music. Or at least as long as you view the advertising, we will need to criminalize those who block ad’s as well.

  3. Jeordie White says:

    It seems the RIAA see’s the white house under obama’s presidency as influential to younger generation. So they figured they’d throw money at this alex niejelow, chief of staff. Maybe if you get someone who is not obama and obama decides giving out felonies like candy is bad, the anti-black man in office movement aka. republicans and tea partiers will be for this. You know, the group that suddenly had shown up right as he took office, angry about this economic collapse and coincidentally side with the ones who caused it in the first place and show much anger towards the black guy in charge instead. And the republicans who had michael steele as their RNC chairman because they wanted to win votes from the black community and discarded him equally as fast during the 2012 election because he was one of those black skinned people when they realized this tactic didn’t work for us and we don’t like your kind. Get people against the black guy in office and you are sure to pass this sort of legislation right? Especially when your gerrymandering and voter suppression helped win seats for the house majority. Laws like this will surely benefit this country.

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