Who Needs Fillings When You Can Regrow Your Teeth With Lasers!?

/ 4 years ago


It looks like fillings could well become a thing of the past if the latest research is anything to go by. A team of scientists from Harvard published a study in the Journal of Science Translational Medicine showing ground-breaking results in tooth regrowth procedures. The research involved using a low-power laser beam to trigger human dental stem cell growth and encourage them to form dentin, which is the substance below the tooth enamel that forms the bulk of a tooth’s mass. The research is important because it is one of those rare occasions where scientists have actually been able to control and manipulate stem cells into doing something they actually want them to do. This new laser technique is apparently much faster and less invasive than previous tooth regrowth techniques and has been proven to work under several different lab and animal testing scenarios. Check out all the “scientific” details at the source.

Source: Harvard, Via: DigitalTrends

Image courtesy of kenbeadlingdentistry.com

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3 Responses to “Who Needs Fillings When You Can Regrow Your Teeth With Lasers!?”
  1. 23piz23mitch says:

    Your ‘Source’ link at the bottom which reads ‘Harvard’ actually takes you to your Steam Machine story

  2. David says:

    Great. More innocent animals put through suffering just because people refuse to look after their teeth properly.
    Good job, ‘murica

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