WikiLeaks claims victory in case against VISA

/ 5 years ago

WikiLeaks, the famous whistleblower organisation, has tweeted information with regards to the outcome of the WikiLeaks against VISA court case. The tweet reads:

 “Judgement for WikiLeaks v. VISA case just handed down. Full victory for WikiLeaks”

No official details on the cases outcome are available yet but the case has been going on for well over a year. The case started when back in June 2011 Datacell, the Iceland-based company that processed donations for WikiLeaks, filed a legal proceeding against the VISA/MasterCard parent company Valitor  for “unlawfully suspending financial services”.

WikiLeaks began to face legal complications as the American goverment started to pull the strings of the world’s biggest financial companies. They successfully managed to get Valitor to block all payments to WikiLeaks thus stopping crucial donations WikiLeaks relies upon to help spread the work they do and protect Whistleblowers from governments, notably the American government.

Datacell’s director Olafur Sigurvinsson told reporters he was amazed at the double stadards.

“I can support Al-Qaida, the Ku Klux Klan, buy weapons and drugs and all kinds of porn with my Visa card. There is nobody investigating this, but I cannot support a human rights organisation which is fighting for freedom of expression,” Sigurvinsson said.

Find out more about the great work WikiLeaks do here.



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