WikiLeaks taken down by “AntiLeaks” DDoS attack

/ 5 years ago

On August the 3rd, the WikiLeaks website was taken offline for unknown reasons:

“ is down for unknown reasons. We are investigating. is still up,” read a tweet posted by WikiLeaks on August 3.

However, it now emerges that WikiLeaks was attacked by a “direct opposite” site – AntiLeaks. AntiLeaks took credit for the attack, claiming a DDoS as the method for bringing WikiLeaks down. AntiLeaks announced on Twitter that WikiLeaks was “tango down.”

AntiLeaks claims to be strongly opposed to WikiLeaks, hailing them a new breed of terrorists for the USA.

“You can call me DietPepsi. I am the leader of AntiLeaks. We are not doing this to call attention to ourselves. We are young adults, citizens of the United States of America and are deeply concerned about the recent developments with Julian Assange and his attempt at asylum in Ecuador, Assange is the head of a new breed of terrorist. We are doing this as a protest against his attempt to escape justice into Ecuador. This would be a catalyst for many more like him to rise up in his place. We will not stop and they will not stop us”

WikiLeaks responded to the attack and the potential reasons behind it:

“Please support #WikiLeaks against attacks to shut it down. Donate via FDNN while is unavailable” and  “Speculation on DDoS attack against WikiLeaks timing: 1. Olympics cover 2. Upcoming release. 3. Ongoing Syria, Stratfor releases,” WikiLeaks representatives stated.

The sites of WL Central, Justice for Assange, FDNN and Cabledrum were also all attacked too. Currently, only WikiLeaks and Cabledrum are still down. A WikiLeaks Mirror Site has been set up while the main site is repaired.


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