Will Stig Delivering a Petition in a Tank Be Enough to Get Clarkson Back?

/ 3 years ago

Clarkson suspended

Ok first thing is first, that’s not the real Sstig. Although admittedly, for all we can actually tell, it may as well be. What it is, is a fantastic effort in the campaign of bring back Clarkson. Now, I’m not going to get drawn into the debate on what happened, because quite frankly, it seems like no one really knows the truth, but as far as getting your petition noticed is concerned, turning up in a freaking tank certainly adds some clout.

I’m a big fan of Top Gear and it’s a very entertaining show, there’s a lot of rumours kicking around right now that it could be returning, which is great news to me personally, but I guess we’ll have to see how this all plays out before we get our hopes up.

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1 million signatures may be enough to help convince the BBC to open its doors, but it remains to be seen if Jeremy would be willing to return, despite the best efforts of many to persuade him. Still, it must have been a lot of fun pointing a tank at New Broadcasting House. What a fracas that must have caused!

Thank you Telegraph for providing us with this information.

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