Win A CyberPowerPC £1200 Gaming System

/ 4 years ago

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15 Responses to “Win A CyberPowerPC £1200 Gaming System”
  1. mehdi says:

    i cant enter i prees entry bouton and nothing hapen

  2. behemoth says:

    I have a dream …

  3. Chris Brocco says:

    good luck all

  4. chrisbon rubi says:


  5. sNk says:

    beatiful computer , all comp of maximum quality , i would love to have it!

  6. Minas Panagiotakis says:

    marry christmas if i win or not …good luck to everybody

  7. Sam Nicko says:

    Happy Holidays Everyone 🙂 Thank you eTeknix and All great Sponsors 🙂 Good Luck everyone 🙂

  8. FOXGLOVE38 says:

    fab prize many thanks happy christmas to everyone

  9. Yusoph Gracio Suma says:

    if i win these prize,,this is the coolest PC i ever have,,,i just have a P4 running @ 2.7ghz at a piece of crap of 256mb of fucking ram ,,,,i should win these… :'(.so that i can run autodesk applications,i just want to be a professional someday

  10. Jayc Estrellas says:

    Happy holidays everyone…
    And good good luck…
    It will be very great to win this gift…

  11. Kim Kelvin says:

    Goodluck to all 😀 Have a Merry Christmas

  12. Ryan Coppin says:

    Gotta win =D fingers crossed

  13. Heather Choccieluvva Cain says:

    how fantastic this would be to give this to my son as a present 🙂

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