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Windows 10 (Finally) Nears 50% Market Share

Since it’s release a little over 4 years ago, adoption figures for Windows 10 have not exactly been progressing as quickly as Microsoft would have liked. In fact, rather frustratingly (for them), people have been clinging onto Windows 7 far more stubbornly than you might have thought.

Earlier this year, however, it became clear that the ‘switch’ was finally happening as Windows 10 user figures (finally) exceeded those of 7. In a report via NetMarketShare, however, Windows 10 is now well in the lead and (nearly) has a 50% adoption rate. Is this impressive though? The short answer is, not really.

Windows 10 Nears 50% Adoption Rate

The gain has almost entirely been from Windows 7 users whose figures have dropped now to 32%. With that operating system set to have its official support withdrawn this January, however, it isn’t perhaps surprising that some have finally decided to take the plunge. You do, after all, have less than 6 months of it being supported now!

It should be noted, however, that despite being just under 50% now, these numbers are still significantly lower than what Microsoft was hoping to have. Even at this point last year.

What Operating System Do You Use?

Despite many attempts to lure, tempt and sometimes strongarm us into making the Windows 10 ‘Upgrade’, many users have clearly remained stubbornly loyal to older versions. This is, perhaps, something of a protest of the manner in which Microsoft really pushed us to make the change. Let’s face it, most of us ended up upgrading ‘accidentally’ thanks to Microsoft’s misleading and bullying prompts.

With Windows 7 formally set to end official support this January, however, like it or not, that 32% is going to have a difficult decision to make. Either way, however, expect that Windows 10 number to finally beat the 50!

What do you think? What operating system do you use? How long did you stick with 7 (or 8) before jumping to 10? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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